About Us

CBS Cabinets is the latest incorporation of CBS Inc. CBS started as a Building Supply firm that has been servicing the Bay Area since 2006. As business opportunities expand, CBS has incorporated CBS Construction Inc. and CBS Windows Inc. And now we are proudly introducing CBS Cabinets to dedicate our years of experience applied into Cabinetry Supply and Solutions. In addition to our Experienced expertise, we are teaming up with one of the greatest global manufacturers to ensure quality standards. CBS Cabinets and Partners focus on providing kitchen and bath cabinets of both European classic and modern styles, and many of our products have been elected as the industry leading design and best sellers.

Partnering With the Leading Manufacturer

Manufacturing high quality cabinets over 20 years, our partner GH has been benchmarked by many of its peers. Today, It owns two large manufacturing bases in China with an area of more than 9 million SQFT. Using a State-of-the-art German HOMAG, an automatically controlled equipment for precise manufacturing, It has become one of the world leading cabinet makers, with 2000 franchises and dealer stores located across China, Australia, Middle East, and there are 2 major distribution centers in the U.S. located strategically in the East Coast and West Coast. CBS Cabinets and Partners are proud of the industry leading trends and cost competitiveness.